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Tip of the mental iceberg

Thursday, January 31, 2008

The conscious mind is such a tiny part of our whole mental capacity.

It's the tip of the tip of the iceberg.

Thinking, thought, comes out of your subconscious mind from the unconscious mind.

My latest appreciation of what those two words mean is this...

Unconscious mind means you are completely unconscious and unware of what is going on in there to the point of denying it with all your breath.

Subconscious mind, on the other hand, you can get inklings of. It's like peripheral vision; if you soften and increase your awareness, you can become aware of the things going on to the sides of your focus... without turning your conscious mind (the torch) fully on them.

It's a bridge to and from the unconscious mind.

Conscious mind is a narrow tube. The subconscious info squirts through that narrow tube of conscious awareness.

To become a genius, to think like a genius, you have to expand that tube so you can get more information and data through from the subconscious mind. You need to find ways to expand your awareness of the subconscious data feed.

That's what The Complete Guide To Genius trains you to do.

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Become an Instant Genius
Discover secret 'brain hacks' to activate your hidden genius!

Who's driving the bus?

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Who's driving the bus?

I'm intrigued as to who is really driving the bus. Is it your conscious mind or your unconscious mind?

We like to think it's our conscious mind. The ego likes to feel that it's in charge. It feels safer and more important that way.

Brain research shows that thoughts, even those conscious deliberate thoughts, register in the brain sometime BEFORE you are conscious of thinking them. Meaning they are coming from non-conscious parts of your mind. Those researchers suggest that free will may in fact be limited in choice to just resistance to ideas that surface.

By naming different aspects of mind, we create a sense of separate parts of the mind competing against each other. So we have this idea of conscious mind, which we think of as 'me'. Then we have the subconscious mind -- which we kind of think of as a bridging state between consciousness and non-consciousness. And then we have the unconscious mind -- which takes care of all the involuntary physical stuff like making your eyebrows grow into shaggy caterpillars.

But those are just names. The fact is it's all just one mind. So let's own it. When you do that, something magic happens. You get to feel whole again. You get to feel connected. You feel bigger and more powerful.

You are more than just your personality, ego, conscious thought process. You have hidden depths.

When you accept that you are all of this mind, you give up the conflict. You learn to trust in the non-conscious. If it can take care of your beating heart, growing new cells, repairing damage, repelling invasive germs or viruses, maybe it can be trusted to take care of you in other ways?

Famed master of hypnosis, Dr Milton Erickson, trusted his unconscious mind implicitly. When faced with challenges, he would hand over the reins to the unconscious mind. He would put himself into a relaxing trance and trust the resourcefulness of his unconscious mind.

He would 'come to' later with the complex report written or the audience applauding the spontaneous speech he'd been asked to deliver at short notice.

So many spiritual traditions lay out a path that aims first for co-creation and ultimately for Thy Will Be Done. Whether it's submitting to God's plan or flowing with the Tao, there is a resonance with the idea of trusting this non-conscious mind of yours that is ultimately the one driving the bus.

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