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Tip of the mental iceberg

Thursday, January 31, 2008

The conscious mind is such a tiny part of our whole mental capacity.

It's the tip of the tip of the iceberg.

Thinking, thought, comes out of your subconscious mind from the unconscious mind.

My latest appreciation of what those two words mean is this...

Unconscious mind means you are completely unconscious and unware of what is going on in there to the point of denying it with all your breath.

Subconscious mind, on the other hand, you can get inklings of. It's like peripheral vision; if you soften and increase your awareness, you can become aware of the things going on to the sides of your focus... without turning your conscious mind (the torch) fully on them.

It's a bridge to and from the unconscious mind.

Conscious mind is a narrow tube. The subconscious info squirts through that narrow tube of conscious awareness.

To become a genius, to think like a genius, you have to expand that tube so you can get more information and data through from the subconscious mind. You need to find ways to expand your awareness of the subconscious data feed.

That's what The Complete Guide To Genius trains you to do.

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Become an Instant Genius
Discover secret 'brain hacks' to activate your hidden genius!

Personalizing Your Subconscious Mind Power

Saturday, April 21, 2007

Hey, what are you thinking about?

Here's what I am thinking about. A technique that I read about for personalizing your subconscious mind power so that you...

i) get it's attention
ii) put it to work for you
iii) manifest what you want faster

Sounds good so far, right?

Okay so here's what you do.

Name Your Subconscious Mind

That's right. You give your subconscious a name. Not just any name. It's got to be a totally unique name that you've never heard of before and are unlikely to ever hear anyone else using. Go ahead make one up right now. Don't over think this. Just do it. Whatever comes up will be right. (Unless you thought of calling it 'Sh**head'. In that case, I would suggest you go for something more positive and friendly and without other meanings!)

Here's how easy it is. I'm looking out the window. I see pine needles. I see a crystal hanging at my window. So I could come up with the name 'Pinecrys' (Pin-ee-chris) or 'Pinstal' or something like that. Those are pretty unique names. Just do it and get a name that you are okay with.

Use the name to get your subconscious mind's attention

Sound's a bit goofy, doesn't it?

Well, screw that thought. Just give it a try. Be open enough to experiment with these things. What have you got to lose? Life is an experiment, so go with it. Here's what you do to calibrate your subconscious mind to it's new name.

1. Simply say aloud, "Subconscious mind, I hereby call you _______ (whatever you came up with eg. Pinecrys). You will respond to that name."

2. Repeat 3 times.

You have now created a bond with your subconscious mind and now you can boss it around. It will happily work for you. In fact, it will joyfully work for you.

Putting your subconscious mind power to work

The author suggests that you start out by using Pinecrys (or whatever YOU called it) to retrieve memories.

Eg. Remembering the name of your first little boyfriend or girlfriend at your first school. "Pinecrys, tell me now, who was that little girl that I fell in love with back at Wilyworld Primary School in 1803?"

Repeat the command 3 times and then stop thinking about Pinecrys or the little girl. Leave Pinecrys to rifle through his memory files and don't bother him with other demands while he does that. Get on with other stuff and then when you don't expect it, the name will pop into your head.

When it does, be sure to say "thank you Pinecrys, you did a good job!" Everyone loves to be appreciated -- even your subconscious mind power. :-)

This technique is said to be good for locating lost items like keys, recalling important anniversaries and so on.

Honing your relationship with your mind power

Another way given to hone your subconscious mind response is the three cups trick. With this training routine you get three identical cups, turn them upside down on the table and put a coin under one of them. Then like a street corner hustler, you shuffle the cups around so fast that you can't keep your eye on the one with the coin in it. Your subconscious mind, Pinecrys, will remember.

Stop. Say, "Pinecrys, tell me now, where is that coin? Is it under cup A? Is it hidden beneath cup B? Or is it under cup C?"

Repeat three times. Then walk away. Forget about it. The answer will pop into your head or you will feel an attraction to the right cup.

Actually I met a dowser recently who was telling me she used the three cups routine with her dowsing training. Dowsers externalise their subconscious responses through a pendulum using yes/no responses. This particular lady had done hypnosis training and had done away with the need for a pendulum and was instead using micro-movement body cues (there's some fancy name for this which I forget now.... "Hey Pinecrys!"). In her case, she used blinking -- one blink for a YES response, two blinks for a NO response.

Okay back to the training.

Apparently as you hone and get familliar with using your subconscious mind in this way, you can start to have telepathic influence on people... as in, "Hey Pinecrys, get that hot girl to turn around and look at me!"

Good luck with that sort of play. For me, I think I will stick to using Pinecrys to get great ideas, come up with creative solutions to problems, and better understand the mysteries of the mind.

Think up a storm,

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Become an Instant Genius
Discover secret 'brain hacks' to activate your hidden genius!

Interesting self-programming idea for rapid goal attainment

Friday, April 20, 2007

Guten tag mein lieblings,

(hehe... recently returned from a fabulous strudle-eating weekend in Salzburg, Austria.)

I read about an interesting self-programming technique the author alleges you can use to achieve rapid manifestation results and super-quick goal attainment.

Want to give it a try?

Reprograming Your Mind For Rapid Goal Manifestation

Here's what you do:

1. Decide on your goal / desire / what you want to manifest. Eg. a Sony HDR-FX1E (yes, please Universe!) or 'to become a more confident dynamic public speaker' or 'a loving passionate relationship' or whatever it is for you.

2. Write down your goal as though attained or make a picture of it on a sheet of card.

3. Stick the card on the ceiling over your bed.

4. Keep a torch by your bedside. Set your alarm for the middle of the night when you will be in deep sleep. Go to sleep.

5. When alarm goes off, grab your torch. Turn it on and shine it at the picture or statement on your ceiling.

6. Really look at it. If it's a picture of the high defintion video camera you want, say to yourself: '...that's mine!' If it's a written statement, just read it to yourself and get a superfast picture of what that means to you. So if it says, "I am a super confident public speaker" just read that and get a quick mental movie clip of you delivering the best speech or talk ever.

7. Turn off the light. Turn it on again, and repeat the process. Do this 3 times in total.

8. Turn off the torch after the third time. Put the torch down. Forget all about what you've just done. Go back to sleep.

That's it!

The guy claims to have had great success with that with manifesting 'stuff' that he wants, or developing new skills and abilities (yeah, like creativity or genius thinking).

I don't know what Mrs Walnut will make of me waking up in the middle of the night and shining a torch around the ceiling but I think I will give it a go anyway. I'll tell her that I am just doing my security sweep of the house to make sure all is well and that she and Wily Jnr are safe! ;-) That should be worth a few house points!


Heavy Sleepers
If you are a heavy sleeper and can't wake up in the night, just do the 3-exposure process before you go to sleep and right when you first wake up. You know, wake up, look at the picture/message, close your eyes, see your mind clip, open your eyes, see the picture/message, close your eyes, tell yourself that's yours and see yourself with that thing or with that goal manifested, close your eyes, repeat one final time. Close your eyes.... forget all about it and get up for the day.

How it works
Your subconscious mind is like a working dog. It just loves to do things for you. By focusing on this goal in the middle of the night when your conscious mind is sleepy, you deliver the message right in there to your subconscious mind. You by-pass the editor, the judgemental or critical parts of your mind. Repeating the process 3 times, emphasises the importance of this goal to your subconscious mind and it will start to get to work on the challenge. The Huna of Hawaii would say that the subconscious enlists the help of the superconscious or higher self. We don't really need to worry about the 'how'. We just need to do the process and experience the results and get familliar with this way of attaining your goals and desires.

The mind is so powerful. Explore it. It's better that TV! :-)

Auf wiedersehen,

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