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Tip of the mental iceberg

Thursday, January 31, 2008

The conscious mind is such a tiny part of our whole mental capacity.

It's the tip of the tip of the iceberg.

Thinking, thought, comes out of your subconscious mind from the unconscious mind.

My latest appreciation of what those two words mean is this...

Unconscious mind means you are completely unconscious and unware of what is going on in there to the point of denying it with all your breath.

Subconscious mind, on the other hand, you can get inklings of. It's like peripheral vision; if you soften and increase your awareness, you can become aware of the things going on to the sides of your focus... without turning your conscious mind (the torch) fully on them.

It's a bridge to and from the unconscious mind.

Conscious mind is a narrow tube. The subconscious info squirts through that narrow tube of conscious awareness.

To become a genius, to think like a genius, you have to expand that tube so you can get more information and data through from the subconscious mind. You need to find ways to expand your awareness of the subconscious data feed.

That's what The Complete Guide To Genius trains you to do.

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Initial impressions on MegaGenius Formula

Monday, January 14, 2008

I recently ordered The Genius Formula Series from Mega-Genius (aka Jim Diamond, 'the man with the perfect IQ').

This is a 6-CD set of lectures from the man who is said to have the highest IQ ever.

(Marilyn vos Savant's biographical information seems to claim the same thing but we'll leave them to slug it out.)

I was immediately impressed by the customer service (I got a long personal email from Carol, Mega-Genius' administrative assistant, telling me about my order and when it would arrive, and prompt responses when I replied to her). When I thanked them for the excellent service, I was told:
"Thank you for your kind words about our customer service.I wish that I could
take all the credit, but I am afraid that it is a case of all the
employees at this Company having been taught by Mega GeniusĀ® that
customer service is just a matter of caring. He has drilled into us
that any person is only as valuable as he/she can help others."

Now, I liked that. That sounded really SMART to me.

What else impressed me? The price. I'm used to Nightingale-Conant prices where a program starts about Ā£69.95 (UK prices -- that's about $137 today.) Or the various online self-development CD packages that can be anywhere from $99-to-$1000 or more.

The Genius Formula lectures cost me $35.95 including shipping from USA to the UK, which I thought was a great price for 6 CDs of lectures. Okay, I guess that value has to be rated on content. I've only listened to one so far. I think I've got my money's worth. I'll report later on what's on the lecture series.

I tell you what though. He sounds like the real deal to me.

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Discover secret 'brain hacks' to activate your hidden genius!

Boost Your IQ with the Complete Guide To Genius

Monday, December 10, 2007

I just bought 'The Complete Guide to Genius' for $67. It's only just appeared on my radar and I think it's new.

On the sales page it claimed to be "A Simple, Step-by-Step Guide Of How You Can Increase Your Intelligence And Become A GENIUS Using A Simple Technique!"

The letter was good so I thought I'd check it out and see what I could learn.

There are several bonuses but the main guide is just 38 pages long.

So what do I think of it?

I think it's brilliant.

I zipped through it and was really impressed by the training program that the author has put together, and the authority with which he or she writes.

The focus of the book uses Win Wenger's Imagestreaming process, but there are other techniques for boosting IQ that I haven't heard of before.

The author believes that you can boost your IQ and achieve an IQ in the range of 180 to 200. That's an extraordinary claim.

How long will it take?

Well, that depends on what your IQ is now. If you are around 100 IQ it's going to take longer than if you are around 130 IQ.

Nonetheless, the author says that if you follow the program that he has laid out (involving about an hour and a half of mental exercises a day) pretty much anyone could achieve a genius IQ within a year.

If you are already fairly bright with an IQ around 120, then it could be as little as a few months to get to 170+ (genius level).

Here is a rough guide that the ebook gives to IQ levels:

Mentally handicapped individual 70 -
High school pupil/Minimum wage worker 80 -
Degree student/Decorator/High street worker/Joiner 90-110
Masters student/Manager/Journalist/Accountant/Professional 120+
PhD student/Ivy league or Russel group student/Chief Executive 130+
University professor/Top government official/Gifted individual 140+
Nobel Laureate/ Chess Grandmaster/World Debating Champion 150+
Rhodes Scholar/Army General 160+
Genius 170+

I think it's a good idea to take an online IQ test (or several) so that you get an idea of where your own IQ is.

Then, do the program and retest when you feel that you have achieved the level of genius.

It's a fairly big commitment for most people. Devoting an hour and a half a day to these mental exercises will take tremendous self-discipline. Are you up to it?

What I like about this guide is that the writer has actually created a schedule of exercise and claims that it has been proven to work to boost IQ to levels of 196+. I'm pretty sceptical of big claims but I like the way the author writes and the intelligence of his arguments.

I'll be sure to report back on this as I put it to the test.

I feel strongly that I should recommend this guide to you:


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Discover secret 'brain hacks' to activate your hidden genius!

Genius is self-bestowed

Friday, June 29, 2007


'Mediocrity is self inflicted, but genius is self-bestowed,'
~ Walter Russell

In the previous post, I looked at why mediocrity is self-inflicted. So in this post, we'll look at why genius is 'self-bestowed'.

Genius is the exceptional, fully-alive, creative part of your thinking mind. How is that genius self-bestowed?

Genius is self-bestowed in the following ways:

1. By acknowledging that you are a genius. You were born with a brain capable of astonishing acts of learning, creativity and wisdom.

2. By affirming your genius. Thinking of yourself as a genius empowers your thinking. You start to live up to your self-image.

3. By a commitment to being fully alive. This involves giving yourself a good prod in the head every day. Wake up in there!

4. By utilising the thinking tools that have been made available to you. This includes such things as mind maps, image streaming, brainstorming, scamper, meditation, other creative thinking exercises, software or techniques.

5. Changing habits of indolence and sloth for habits of creativity, productivity and high energy.

6. Questioning what is. To do this you need to be more aware. You need to be able to face what is.

7. Increasing your capacity for love and gratitude. The more loving and thankful you are, the more passion and joy you will have for living.

8. Expanding your mental map. Genius is ultimately spiritual, compassionate and all-inclusive.

There's only one mind. And it's all yours.

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The Inconsistency of Genius

Wednesday, May 30, 2007


Why is that one day you can be brilliant and the next rubbish? Why is there such inconsistency in your thinking? You get flashes of genius but they seem all too rare and unpredictable. Why is that? Why? Why, dammit?!

The reality is you are born with all you need to be a genius. If you've got most of your brain cells still functioning you are fully equipped for outrageously smart thinking. You've got all the potential there, so how do you access your genius regularly and at will?

Look at the work habits of great writers, inventors, composers, artists, scientists -- all the usual suspects in the field of genius -- and you'll discover a trend. They all had strategies and techniques that they used to get into 'the zone'. They all had a thinking 'tool box' which they used daily to access genius.

Genius is inconsistent in most of us because we tend to think it should be a continuous thing. But it's not a steady state. It's something that you access by performing certain rituals or mental habits that take you to the genius level.

Leonardo da Vinci had lots of 'tools' that he used to access genius. From contemplating piles of ashes until he started to see faces, to an early form of mind mapping, Da Vinci was one of the first people to write down techniques of accessing the creative mind.

Thomas Edison kept extensive 'idea files' which he would use to get fresh perspective on his current challenges. He felt that ideas need only be original in their adaptation to the problem at hand.

Walt Whitman also kept ideas and when he sought fresh inspiration, he would create an 'idea tapestry' ... laying out his ideas in new combinations. Perhaps this was the inspiration for those poetry fridge magnet kits (where you get a bag of words and you have to arrange them in your own poem)?

So, remember this: geniuses aren't neccesarily geniuses all day and all night long. Genius do dumb, stupid ass things too. It's just that they also have developed behaviours that get them into the genius zone on a regular basis.

Three things YOU can do to access YOUR genius more consistently:

1. Remember that you are a genius. And that you can access the genius mind to think higher quality thoughts. Starting the day with this reminder will add significantly to your self-image. You will always perform to the level of your expectations and self-belief.

2. Acknowledge that you need processes to make the transition between ordinary mind and the higher quality genius mind. You will then give yourself the time to go through your chosen process to get into the zone.

3. Upgrade your energy. Use your physiology to empower your thinking. Sit up straight, focus, be dynamic in your body. Make an instant state shift to be more expressive and flambuoyant. Start excessive ...and your genius will find its own level. But outrageous energy at the start will help break through the walls of today's inertia.

For specific tools and strategies to access your greatest mindpower, investigate this new toolkit:

Genius Mindset: the CHEAT'S GUIDE to Instant Genius!


Become an Instant Genius
Discover secret 'brain hacks' to activate your hidden genius!

Geniuses at work

Monday, April 23, 2007


Here are three valuable success insights I tumbled upon in my online reading this morning:

1. 'Gun-to-the-head' marketing:
The late Gary Halbert, copywriting legend, making an oh-so-important distinction on the power of words in the selling process:


2. 'Making Our Lives Golden'
Michael Masterson of Early to Rise offers a useful set of guidelines for assessing whether our activities are contributing value to our lives, just providing a passive distraction, or are just self-destructive. His distinctions of golden choices, vaporous choices or acidic choices of behaviours is a useful one to take on board and a very pragmatic way of making the most of your 'spare' time.


3. 'The Key to Success: The Ultimate Secret'
Kevin Hogan ups the ante on 'The Secret' teachings and offers a cold shower, kick-up-the-butt, honest assessment of what it really takes to be a success.

Why should you read it? Here's what Mr Hogan says: "This article contains the first-ever $100,000 Key. About 15 times per year, I put a $10,000 key in an article. The single most profound piece of information for achievement and success that I've ever written about is in this article."

Always refreshing, insightful and honest, I derive great value from Kevin Hogan's articles in his weekly shots of 'Coffee'... check it out.

Better and better,
Wily Walnut

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