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Tip of the mental iceberg

Thursday, January 31, 2008

The conscious mind is such a tiny part of our whole mental capacity.

It's the tip of the tip of the iceberg.

Thinking, thought, comes out of your subconscious mind from the unconscious mind.

My latest appreciation of what those two words mean is this...

Unconscious mind means you are completely unconscious and unware of what is going on in there to the point of denying it with all your breath.

Subconscious mind, on the other hand, you can get inklings of. It's like peripheral vision; if you soften and increase your awareness, you can become aware of the things going on to the sides of your focus... without turning your conscious mind (the torch) fully on them.

It's a bridge to and from the unconscious mind.

Conscious mind is a narrow tube. The subconscious info squirts through that narrow tube of conscious awareness.

To become a genius, to think like a genius, you have to expand that tube so you can get more information and data through from the subconscious mind. You need to find ways to expand your awareness of the subconscious data feed.

That's what The Complete Guide To Genius trains you to do.

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Discover secret 'brain hacks' to activate your hidden genius!

David Deida's Instant Enlightenment

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

I am currently (as in right now -- I've just put the book down) reading David Deida's new book, 'Instant Enlightenment'.
David Deida is a master of using juxtapositions to free up trapped energy and experience expanded states of consciousness.
That's why I am recommending you take a look at his work.
He will blast you out of your 'stuck' points. If you let him.
He will free you from your righteousness.
From the creative thinker perspective, this is priceless. His brief essays in 'Instant Enlightenment' crow bar your mind open.
(Yes, yes, I know, a little understated. But I'm a shy, demure kind of guy like that.)
Anyway, David Deida has a neat little exercise in 'Instant Enlightenment' in the chapter labelled, SWEAR.
The idea is to think of the dirtiest, filthiest word you know. And then say it out loud, when you are alone.
You repeat this vile word several times.
And then you say, "I love you," while imagining that you are with someone you really love.
The exercise is then to alternate between saying your dirty word and saying "I love you" until you can say the swear word with as much love as you say "I love you."
You then escalate the exercise with a (willing) friend or lover, repeating the bad word and "I love you" to them until they can feel as much love in the swear word as in the actual saying that you love them.
Deida advises that you rinse and repeat this exercise with other swear words.
The ultimate aim being to "practice saying every word that you utter, from now on until you die, in a way that feels like 'I love you' to whoever hears it."
Isn't that great? I love that idea!
Oh and for all you cheeseballs who think that sounds too shmaltzy, there's a chapter on Hate just for you! ;-)

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Scott Berkun's Creative Thinking Hacks

Saturday, January 26, 2008

I like Scott Berkun's essay Creative Thinking Hacks. Scott is a public speaker, consultant and author of 'The Myth of Innovation'. He also teaches creative thinking at the University of Washington so he knows his stuff, writes eloquently and is worth listening to.

Take aways from the essay:

1. Scott's emphasis on debunking the myths and glamors surrounding creative thinking and stressing that "an idea is a combination of other ideas." ie. Keep it simple, keep it in reach.

2. This quote:

"All great creative ideas, inventions, and theories are comprised of other ideas. Why should you care? Here’s why: if you want to be a creator instead of a mere consumer you must see ideas currently in the world as fuel for your mind. You must stop seeing them as objects or functional things: they are combinations of ingredients waiting for reuse."

3. Solution to feeling uncreative: expand your awareness of the combinations available to you.

4. Creative masters develop "reusable combinations, or patterns, that can be used again and again to develop new ideas or modify old ones. "

5. Developing fearlessness with regard to creative thinking: "Being creative has more to do with being fearless than intelligent, brilliant or any other adjective superficially associated with creativity."

6. The importance of self-knowledge in the creative process.

7. Persistence: being there at 9AM ready to work regardless of whether you feel inspired. Creating inspiration through action, through DOING IT!

Check it out here:

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Initial impressions on MegaGenius Formula

Monday, January 14, 2008

I recently ordered The Genius Formula Series from Mega-Genius (aka Jim Diamond, 'the man with the perfect IQ').

This is a 6-CD set of lectures from the man who is said to have the highest IQ ever.

(Marilyn vos Savant's biographical information seems to claim the same thing but we'll leave them to slug it out.)

I was immediately impressed by the customer service (I got a long personal email from Carol, Mega-Genius' administrative assistant, telling me about my order and when it would arrive, and prompt responses when I replied to her). When I thanked them for the excellent service, I was told:
"Thank you for your kind words about our customer service.I wish that I could
take all the credit, but I am afraid that it is a case of all the
employees at this Company having been taught by Mega Genius® that
customer service is just a matter of caring. He has drilled into us
that any person is only as valuable as he/she can help others."

Now, I liked that. That sounded really SMART to me.

What else impressed me? The price. I'm used to Nightingale-Conant prices where a program starts about £69.95 (UK prices -- that's about $137 today.) Or the various online self-development CD packages that can be anywhere from $99-to-$1000 or more.

The Genius Formula lectures cost me $35.95 including shipping from USA to the UK, which I thought was a great price for 6 CDs of lectures. Okay, I guess that value has to be rated on content. I've only listened to one so far. I think I've got my money's worth. I'll report later on what's on the lecture series.

I tell you what though. He sounds like the real deal to me.

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A technique for producing ideas -- book review

Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Just to let you know of a book review that I've just uploaded on the creative thinking classic by James Webb Young called, "A Technique For Producing Ideas."


'A Technique For Producing Ideas' by James Webb Young is a classic little book on creative thinking.

I got my copy a couple of weeks ago and have just sat down and read right through it. Here is my review:

At only 48 pages long, 'A Technique For Producing Ideas' is a slim volume. However it is written with the clarity of a skilled advertising man. James Webb Young first published this book in the 1940s and it is now reprinted as a McGraw Hill Advertising Classic.

The back cover subtitle reveals it to be 'A Step-By-Step Technique For Sparking Creativity In Advertising or Any Field.'

Note the emphasis on ANY field.

You can read the rest of the review and get details of the technique here or at:


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Discover secret 'brain hacks' to activate your hidden genius!

Creative Renewal: Emptying your mind for creative renewal

Monday, January 07, 2008

Here's a new article I've just written on creative renewal. Seems appropriate for this time of year:


CREATIVE RENEWAL: Emptying your mind for creative renewal

How to get over a creatively DRY period and refresh your mind

Creative renewal is such an important part of the creative process. Every mind goes stale after a while. You need to empty your cup. Go on, chuck out the dregs of the previous 12 months. Empty yourself. Become new again.

Why is creative renewal important?
We run on energy. Bursts of inspiration and enthusiasm take us only so far. Towards the end we are running out of steam. Scratching the leavings from the bottom of the bowl. We start to fade, becoming insipid and uninspired. Our work lacks light. There is no 'joie de vivre', no spark. What can we do? How can we get our freshness back? How can we revitalize our thinking? The only way is through creative renewal. We must renew ourselves, shedding the old skins and growing into a new form... kinda like Madonna! She must be thousand years old by now, and she just keeps re-inventing herself. More power to her, I say!

Continue reading article on Creative Renewal here.

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