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Creative Trance-Formation

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Creative Genius Self-Hypnosis
I'm playing with an idea for a quick hypnotic trip down into the unconscious mind to lay down some "new, improved you" instructions to make you even more creative in 2007.

Self-hypnosis is so easy to do. If you're not familliar with it, you might be a little apprehensive and that's understandable, but really there's nothing more to it than getting quiet, and relaxing as deeply as you feel comfortable doing so. Now, if you were to just start to breathe a little easier and deeper as you read this, letting your muscles sag a little more on your bones, you'd start to feel the very first stage of hypnosis. This is like a gateway to a world of warm and wonderful relaxation. You can just ooze into it, like a big relaxing sigh, letting go of everything.

I find that the easiest way to go into a hypnotic trance (fancy words for 'nice relaxed state') is to find a few minutes where I won't be disturbed, sit back in my chair, and tell myself, "I'm about to go into hypnosis -- and I'm going to enjoy this time to relax deeply."

Then, I'll look around my office and notice something, and think to myself:

"I can see my blue pen on the desk."

Then, I'll listen and notice some noise in the environment, and think:

"I can hear the hum of my computer's processor."

Then, I'll notice some sensation, and think to myself:

"I can feel my weight bearing down on my seat bones."

I repeat this process of commenting on what I am seeing, hearing, and feeling three times in the sequence and style mentioned.

Then I close my eyes and I start to count backwards and downwards, telling myself that I am relaxing deeper and deeper.

For the purposes of our Creative Trance-Formation self-hypnosis session, I'm going to ask you to count backwards from whatever age you are now. So if you are 37, like me, then you will count backwards from 37 to zero. If you are 64, you count backwards from 64. And so on.

I want you to think that you are winding back the ol' life clock, back to zero.

And when you get to that zero state of perfect receptivity (the blank slate), you will be able to enter a new command for an even more creative you. Then we will wind forward, absorbing all the wonderful lessons and wisdom and insights that you've gained from your lifetime of experience, and we will place that new self-image of you as a super creative genius in every year of your life right back up to the present.

We could lounge around in this process. But if we are willing to entertain the idea that this self-hypnosis re-programing is possible, we may as well entertain the idea that we can do it fast! I don't know about you, but I don't have *all day* to sit around on my ass!

Right, so you've closed your eyes and you are going to count backwards and downwards from the number that represents your age now, all the way down to zero. We do this at a nice slow steady pace.


37 -- relaxing and letting go
36 -- leeting go of all tension
35 -- nice easy breaths
34 -- going all the way down
33 -- I'm letting go of all muscular tension
32 -- going deeper and deeper within
31 -- that's right, just like this, easy and relaxed
30 -- winding back the clock as I relax more and more
29 -- deeper, and deeper...
28 -- with every number I am going deeper and deeper
27 -- into a comfortable, calm, peaceful state of mind
26 -- I'm enjoying relaxing more and more
25 --
24 --
23 --
22 -- even deeper down now
21 --
20 -- winding back the years, going deeper and deeper
19 -- back towards the beginning
18 -- relaxing and feeling good
17 --
16 -- breathing is soft and easy now
15 --
14 -- going and deeper
13 -- twice as deep with every number I count backwards and downwards
12 --
11 -- that's right, just like that, easy now...
10 -- all the way down now, letting go more and more
9 --
8 -- so relaxed now
7 -- deep and peaceful
6 --
5 -- letting go
4 -- all the way down
3 --
2 -- so good
1 -- relaxing all the way now to...
0 -- mmmm that feels good

[And here you give yourself an instruction, like:]

I am wide open and totally receptive to the following messages...

I am one with the Infinite Source of all Creation. I am highly creative. I am a Creator.

I see myself now as a creative genius. I have amazing, valuable ideas. I think powerfully. I am receptive to amazing insights and innovations. New ideas flash into my mind easily. I capture and express brilliant new ideas. I am a genius and I apply my wisdom.

[I would suggest that you formulate your own affirmations and statements of intent. Make sure they are positively expressed, and try and create mental pictures to accompany the affirmation. You want to see yourself fully associated -- looking out through your own eyes, as it were -- thinking and expressing yourself with enormous creative power, charisma, and effectiveness. See other people being astonished and amazed by your creative insights and the power of your genius. Develop as fully as you can a mental picture and accompanying descriptive phrases of the brilliant creative genius that you want to be.

When you are done (and I suggest that you take no more than 5 minutes, and no less than 1 minute doing this), tell yourself that you are about to return to full waking consciousness. Say to yourself:]

I am about to return to full waking consciousness. I will do this by counting upwards and outwards from 1 to (the number that represents your age now -- eg. 37) 37, and each number will represent a year of my life's experience so far. As I count upwards and outwards I will bring the powerful energy of creative genius with me and insert it in every year of my life. This will imbue my whole life with creative genius, making it even more powerfully present within me.

1 -- rising up now, into my full creative power
2 -- growing into my creative genius
3 -- inserting the awesome power of creativity deeper into my life experience
4 -- so wonderfully fluid in thought and ability
5 -- my brain is alive and functioning better and better than ever before
6 -- breathing deeply and imagining creativity like a bright flame within me
7 -- my mind functions with infinite speed and agility
8 -- I rise up and into greatness
9 -- growing even more creative
10 -- energy building like excitement
11 -- feeling good, feeling great
12 -- I am so amazingly creative now
13 -- I think incredibly powerful thoughts
14 -- my mind is super-charged and filled with electrifying insights
15 -- I'm inserting the deep unstoppable power of my creativity into every part of my life
16 -- aborbing this incredible creative power in balanced and harmonious ways
17 -- I am highly creative
18 -- I am a genius -- my natural genius is flowing even more powerfully in my mind and body and soul
19 -- rising up to full waking consciousness
20 --
21 --
22 -- that's right, filled with creativity
23 -- filled with creative power, I am
24 -- so powerfully creative
25 --
26 --
27 --
28 -- rising up into my creative potential
29 -- seeing this awesome creative genius at work in all the years of my life
30 -- recreating and reinventing my life in the light of this creative genius
31 -- my brain cells are growing and re-arranging themselves to accomodate the higher charge of greater creativity
32 --
33 -- breathing deeply, charging my being with creative power
34 -- feeling refreshed and powerful
35 -- when I reach [your age] I will be fully awake and fully alive
36 -- eyes refreshed, alert and shining with enthusiasm as I reach
37 -- Eyes open, wide awake and ready to live life creatively and dynamically! YES!


Okay, so that is basically it. You can play around with it and adjust it to suit. I suggest doing it twice a day for the nest 30 days. You should be able to do it in 5 to 10 minute sessions (unless you are really ancient ;-) and have to count down a long, long way!).

You could record this creative trance-formation session in your own voice and listen to the play back if that helps. But I like to do it on the fly, so that I can adapt it and make it fresh every time.

Some people might prefer a more organised and professional approach, in which case, I highly recommend you check out Hidden Wisdom -- Breaking Through Creative Blocks by Dr. Lloyd Glauberman, a man I've dubbed "the hypnotic mind master" (read article here).

Hidden Wisdom utilizes Dr. Lloyd Glauberman’s revolutionary HPP (Hypno- Peripheral Processing) method to remove unconscious blocks and allow new ideas to breakthrough into consciousness.

This is much more fun than the traditional old school 'counting down plus affirmations' method of self-hypnosis. Instead you get to listen to exciting, change-inducing, metaphorical stories in 3D dimensional surround sound. It's considered the most advanced and powerful form of hypnotic personal transformation. Check it out here because you deserve the best in 2007!

Smart Regards,

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The Smart Transplantation

Sunday, December 17, 2006

I was listening earlier in the week to a BBC Radio 4 play, called "Heart Transplant" by Jonathan Holloway. It told the story of the world's first heart transplant operation, carried out in Cape Town in 1967 by a team led by Professor Christiaan Barnard.

It was a deeply engaging story of how Barnard transplanted the heart of a young girl called Denise Darvall, who had recently been critically injured in a car accident, into an older man called Louis Washkansky.

(It was the first time in human history that this complex operation had ever been done. And it was... partially successful. The recipient lived for 19 days afterwards before succumbing to pneummonia.)

Anyway, this got me thinking about whether it would be possible to transplant the thinking ability of one person into another: a kind of "Smart Transplant" instead of "Heart Transplant", if you will.

I guess communication is a way of transplanting your thinking into another person -- and vice versa. The whole ethos of teaching as we know it in the West seems to be about pourring knowledge into empty vessels -- transplanting the tried and tested into virgin mental territory to sustain the known and the status quo.

I've read of various futurists who speculate on a time when you will able to download your consciousness, like some massive data file, onto a computer and sustain your existence indefinitely either on some kind of virtual reality computer, or into some kind of cyborg or clone of yourself. You can just picture a kind of 'body shop' where you choose from a range of human body models, and once you've made your choice and purchase, you can upload your consciousness into this brand new body (built or grown for this purpose). When it wears out or you get tired of it, you choose a new one.

(I wonder how that ever changing body image would affect your consciousness? Or how your consciousness would affect that body? Would it start to mould it so you started to look like you used to?)

But that is really all about sustaining the same consciousness. What I am getting at is finding out if there is a way to change your mind, so that you no longer think like YOU. Can you can break out of the limited parameters of thinking that you have become used to (your way of thinking), and find a way to think in a completely unique or at least different way?

There are different degrees of creative thinking.

There is a mild sort of pragmatic daily life creative thinking. Eg. What shall I do today? What can I get Mom for her birthday? How can I improve the look of this webpage?

There is a focussed kind of purpose-driven creative thinking. Eg. We need to design a new marketing campaign to sell these Mexican beans. I want to write a popular thriller novel about a pornstar bank robber, called Stick It Up. The XYZ Corporation need to find ways of reducing employee absenteeism.

There is field-specific breakthrough creative thinking. Eg. James Joyce's
Ulysses; Picasso's cubism.

Then there is life-changing, revolutionary creative thinking. Care to suggest any examples that fall into that category?

It is this latter category that interests me most of all. What would it be like to think outside of yourself, to think outside of all your conditioning, to think outside of what your society and the world at this time considers to be important and the right things to do?

How could you cut out the "normal thinking" part of you and tranplant into its place an extraodinary, raw, unfettered creative thinking ability?

Setting aside the metaphor for a moment, how can you be free enough to think in the most extraodinary way conceivable?

It seems to me that we need to find that out asap. We need some radical thinking to re-question the tried and true to keep invigorating it with fresh blood and keep it evolving.

The areas in which we need fresh "out of this world" (forget out of the box!) thinking are obvious: Environment; Energy; Education; Morality; Meaning; Relationships; MONEY; Health; Population; Transport... and more.

The Smarter Transplant
I'm not sure when those futurists I spoke of might be free to upload their consciousness to a biobot or pre-grown clone of themselves. And I'm not sure when those people who have their brains frozen at death in the hope of getting ressurrected by a
future brain or whole-body transplant operation will be thawed out. What I do know, or suspect, is that you need ways to break out of normal thinking and access your genius super thinking abilities.

One of the better ways of achieving this 'smart transplant', where you can suddenly think with the brain of one of the greatest minds of all times, is a technique described by Win Wenger in his book, The Einstein Factor. (Also available on audio:
The Einstein Factor ). It's called "Putting on Heads". Basically it involves getting into a deeply relaxed state either through progressive relaxation exercises, self-hypnosis or guided visualisation, practicing Win Wenger's imagestreaming technique, and then imaging yourself in a beautiful garden. You then call up some great thinker that you know or admire. It could be anyone from Mozart, Einstein, Leonardo da Vinci, Tesla, Buckminster Fuller, Alexander the Great, Lao Tsu, Jesus ...whoever.

You imagine that person before you. You greet them. Have them turn around and then you kind of step inside them and become that person. And you look out at the world through their eyes and try to think like they do.

This is really an ancient technique used by shamans for ages and ages. You know the sort of thing, the shamans dress up as animal spirits or as ancestral gods and this enables them to 'get into the spirit' of communicating with or as that entity that they are portraying.

Now whether they really do communicate with spirit or this act just unlocks their unconscious wisdom to use their own pure creativity is a question I leave to you. I don't really care. All that matters is that the mind seems to respond to these kind of sacred games, so let's use them....

There are some books and ideas that take this and apply it in daily life so you go around and meet your challenges and ask yourself, "What would Jesus do?" (Or Genghis Khan, Winston Churchill, or James Bond, whoever takes your fancy as a role model).

Another technique that comes to mind that relates to this concept of the smart transplant is something termed "artificial reincarnation". This is where subjects are hypnotised and then told that they are a great artist (a Van Gogh, Matisse etc) or writer (Shakespeare, Hemingway etc) or musician (Mozart, Beethoven, Bach etc) -- and then they paint, or write, or make music. And with this process their is a marked and measurable improvement in their artistic abilities. Somehow believing that they are this great writer, musician or artist frees part of them to behave and act as if they are really good -- and this does enable them to perform more creatively.

Human beings are born to emulate. It's hard-wired into us as part of our biological survival system. Often this defaults to thinking just like everybody else. We want to harness this behaviour so that we can emulate and think like the greatest thinkers that have ever lived.

Find out about great thinkers. Read about them. Try and read their own words. If they are alive today try and see them, hear them and get to know how they think differently, so that you can discover new ways to think.

You can give yourself a smart transplant by emulating great minds, by invoking their spirit in your work and trying to do it 'as them'. As you do this and grow in it, you will find that your own style and brilliance will come out. We stand on the shoulders of giants to climb higher. And we in turn may be the next giant -- but you still need to climb up and onto that shoulder and see the world as they do, and then reach higher still to see from an even greater perspective.
The School of Thinking has this great little code, CVStoBVS, which stands for Current View of Situation to Better View of Situation. And that is the movement we want to establish everyday -- this constant evolution of our thinking -- pushing to make it greater and more incredible all the time.

Upwards and onwards,

Wily ;-)

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Selling Creative Ideas

Friday, December 15, 2006

Hey, I was trawling the net this morning and stumbled upon OpenAd.net, which calls itself the "World's Biggest Creative Department".

If you have ever looked at TV adverts, print adverts or marketing campaigns and thought, "I could do better than that!" then this is your chance to put your creative ideas to the test and see if you can sell them to real life companies and corporations.

Here's how OpenAd.net describe what they do:

"OpenAd.net is a global platform for the buying and selling of advertising, design and marketing ideas. It showcases previously unpublished ideas submitted by creatives, and makes those ideas available for licensing and sale to registered Members. Members are mainly companies looking for creative answers to an advertising or marketing problem – an ad campaign for a new product or a fresh approach to company PR, for example.

There are two ways in which ideas are entered to OpenAd.net by
creatives: as unsolicited, unbranded ideas for display in categories of the Gallery; and as creative responses to a specific brief posted on the site by a Member."

Wow! Do you get that? You can generate your own ideas to apply to certain categories of industry (see below) and list them for sale in the marketplace. Or you can try your hand at answering the needs of a specific brief posted by some company that is willing to spend mega bucks to get the right campaign going. (If you are unfamiliar with advertising, sales and marketing, check out the costs of using the service as a member to appreciate the megabucks marketing budgets that companies are willing to invest in promoting their products.)

I just signed up as an idea seller to see how it works. It's very easy to do. You have to print off a couple of agreement forms and mail them off to the company before you can submit your creative ideas. Why not give it a go? What can you lose, apart from a bit of time and effort? The rewards are potentially very exciting -- and for creative people, generating ideas like this is just FUN! This is a real opportunity to get your ideas noticed and build a creative showcase for yourself.

Your creative ideas are protected, by the way, in case you are precious about them.

There are 14 product/service categories that you can submit creative ideas in:

  • Beverages & Tobacco
  • Cars & Vehicles
  • Clothing & Fashion Accessories
  • Consumer Services
  • Food
  • Corporate Image & B2B
  • Financial & Insurance
  • Household Care
  • Information Technology
  • Media, Entertainment & Broadcasting
  • Personal Care
  • Public Awareness
  • Restaurants, Bars & Retail
  • Transport, Travel & Leisure
Ideas may consist of a single element or a combination of elements. You can submit ideas using any of the following elements:

  • TV ad (script, storyboard or video format)
  • Print ad
  • Radio ad (audio file or script format)
  • Creative use of media (viral SMS or movie campaign, etc)
  • Corporate identity (logos, design of corporate communications, etc)
  • Print material (brochures, leaflets, flyers, etc)
  • Packaging
  • Industrial design
  • Web design (layout, banners, etc)
  • Direct mail
  • Events (PR campaigns or stunts, etc)
  • Exhibitions and fairs
  • Point of purchase (banners, posters and cut-outs for in-store promotion, etc)
OpenAd suggest that you visualise and describe the idea in a way that really helps you sell it.

You can use their arrangement with Corbis photo library to include photographic images, or you could storyboard it with sketches. (If you aren't very good at drawing, find a kid who is or maybe do the Lou Darvas cartoooning course to get you up to speed in a few days.)

When describing your idea, really get into the mindset of a top advertising guy like
David Ogilvy, or check out Joe Vitale's hypnotic writing course (you can also get a good feel for strong, powerful writing by reading his articles at MrFire.com).

So, there you go. Go check it out if you think that you would like to explore the opportunity of selling creative ideas to creative marketing agencies and international companies.

Who knows, it could be the start of a whole new 'creative' career for you....

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Transfiguration For Creative Thinking

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Transfiguration For Creative Thinking

Here's a thought: What if you could get into the state of heightened creativity at will? Imagine it. You are mooching along in your humdrum everyday kind of way and nothing much is happening. You can't afford to wait for divine inspiration. And the weather man is giving no indications that you can anticipate spontaneous brainstorms or bolts from the blue. You're bored. You're boring. And you wanna get creative. ...You need some transfiguration, baby!

Transfiguration, baby!
Creative thinking requires a transfiguration or change to take place in your consciousness. You basically need something or someone to give you a good slap in the chops and... hey, you're transfigured. Transfiguration is defined as a marked change or metamorphosis in form or appearance, usually one that glorifies or exalts. In the Bible, Jesus stomps up the mountain with some of his buddies and he undergoes a transfiguration. "Eyewitnesses" on the scene describe Jesus as emanating a Divine radiance. Now, leaving aside the fact these eyewitness reports didn't get written down until 70-100 years after his death (wasn't quite CNN standard), you've still got to admit this transfiguration idea seems pretty cool. Kind of like an early Sci-Fi, where the being opens his eyes and mouth and light beams out of every orifice.

Transforming the Ordinary into the Extraordinary
Being 'lit up' is the key term for creative transfiguration. Normal thinking is a bit like an overcast day. It's okay, it's life, but it's kind of dull. Creative thinking is like one of those brilliant, sunshiney days where you feel on top of the world. Big difference. And the difference is the amount and quality of energy. Transfiguration in the biblical sense involves a big surge of Divine Energy. God, the Holy Spirit or one of his angels basically comes and sits on your head and slides down into your head chakra and - kapow! -- Jesus H Christ you are transfigured and start to speak in tongues or start singing the gospel or something. Anyhow, you've got a righteous buzz going on and you know this is a great state to be in. Now, I don't think I can offer you the whole sun shining out of your ass special effects, but here are a few tips on how to achieve a state of creative transfiguration.

1. Intention creates the spark
This is pretty obvious but you've got to want it. You have to set aside some time and space for your creativity. The first step in creativity is always intention, the decision. This is the moment when you become the Creator, the grand designer and architect of what you are about to create. This is a powerful state, so feel the power within you, the creative power of intention.

2. Get enthused and inspired
This is the trick many people miss because they think that something external must inspire them spontaneously. But hell no! Enthusiasm and inspiration are just states of energy that you can whip up at will. You want to feel enthusiastic? Well, sit up on the edge of your seat, put an eager look on your face, lift your chest up. Your physiology (your posture and the way you move and hold your body) determines your emotional state. Wanna be inspired? Then start inspiring -- start breathing in deeper and let yourself create that inner feeling of enthusiasm (the fire within!). Think of it like this. When you are in mundane mode, you are like a ball of cold plasticine, all stiff and uninteresting. You have to start kneading it, rolling it, and warming it up until it is pliant and can take on different shapes really easily.

3. Get moving
You've got to do your thinking on the hoof. You need to grab that pen and paper and start scribbling out your notes, mindmapping ideas and solutions. You need to grab up that musical instrument and start playing and experimenting with melodies. You need to splash color on the canvas, rifle through your spare parts in your invetion shed, or bash the keyboard on your computer as you do whatever it is you do. Take the merest thread of an idea and pouce on it, and start acting on it. Flesh it out as you move along.

4. Unleash the Image Genie
Lift yourself up by your bootstraps by dreaming big dreams, and filling your mind with big powerful images of success and achievement. You need the power and the glory images of transfiguration to catch the excitement and to spark it in others. Don't be coy about this. The inner space of your mind is YOUR universe, so bestride it as the Emperor or Empress of all you survey. In the inner world, the sun shoud definitely be shining out of your ass. Don't be afraid -- it's okay to "big up yourself" and inflate your own ego. Go for it!

5. Adopt powerful purposes that are meaningful to YOU
I haven't seen any one shining with light like Jesus is decribed in the biblical transfiguration (other than on The X Files!) but I've seen plenty of people fired up and seeming to shine with purpose, belief, joy, passion and enthusiasm. What's your passion? What's your purpose? What fills you with joy? Make sure you are getting more and more chances to live your passion, follow your purpose and experience your joy. Passiom, purpose and joy unite all the disperate parts of your energy. This unified field of energy is a transfiguration, and with it you are like a 100 watt light bulb compared to all the other people who are like 20 watt bulbs.

6. The Magic of the Spirit
There's no denying that the God meme gets people fired up like nothing else, though watching Richard Dawkins on the dais it doesn't seem to matter which side of the belief system you bat for. Whether you are fired up by the idea of the Judaeo-Christian God, by Allah, by Brahman, Tao, The Source, Universal Intelligence, Nirvana or whatever we are calling it this time next thursday..... or you are fired up by a defiant scientific atheistic position (man as God?), all that matters is that you are fired up! Use the fire of other worldy inspiration to fill you with a power beyond your 'normal' self and use that to be creative.

7. Transfigured by Love
Blimey, nothing transfigures the ordinary Joe and Jane like falling in Love! When someone you know falls in love, you can see it in their face. They appear to shine. They have a really good vibe going on. They smile, laugh more, look relaxed and happy. They are more creative. So like I said in my article on Sex Transmutation, it's so important to get yourself a muse -- someone (or something) you can fall in love with, admire and worship. There are all kinds of causes and purposes that inspire us in life, but few that motivate us more powerfully than our love partners, family and closest friends. Most people would willingly sacrifice themselves to save the life of their child or life partner. There is awesomely powerful energy at work in our closest relationships and we can use that energy by reminding ourselves of it frequently. You can stir up that love by dwelling on good times that you have shared, why you love someone, or what it is about them that so you adore. And you let that flame go to work in your brain and in your life. You let the thought of them and of dedicating your work to them inspire you to acts of greater creativity.

Ramping Up Your Creative Energy

So, there you are. Play with this concept of creative transfiguration. It's really all about ramping up your energy. And there are various different ways you can go about doing that. No doubt you already have some great techniques that you have discovered yourself. Put them to work today and make this a super creative day! Can I say that I want to see the sun shining out of your ass without you sending me photoshopped butt snaps? You know what I mean, get up that transfiguration mountain baby!