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Apple core creativity

How is creativity like this big juicy apple that I am just about to eat?

I can't swallow it whole. Most projects are too big to do all at once.

To eat it, I've just got to get stuck in. Take a big ol' bite!

Chew that up! Enjoy the flavours. Relish the juice.

Then take another bite.

And another. And another.

Pretty soon, it's almost all gone. I've got to the core of the project.

And, what's this?


Seeds are new ideas for new projects.

You don't know about them until you've eaten a good chunk of the way into the creative project you are working on now.

From seeds you can grow trees, that will spawn even more apples.

That's the way of creative endeavour.

Start where you are. Take it one bite at a time. Enjoy the experience of chewing it up. Look for the seeds of other ideas that can come from what you are doing now. Empires are born this way.

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