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Initial impressions on MegaGenius Formula

I recently ordered The Genius Formula Series from Mega-Genius (aka Jim Diamond, 'the man with the perfect IQ').

This is a 6-CD set of lectures from the man who is said to have the highest IQ ever.

(Marilyn vos Savant's biographical information seems to claim the same thing but we'll leave them to slug it out.)

I was immediately impressed by the customer service (I got a long personal email from Carol, Mega-Genius' administrative assistant, telling me about my order and when it would arrive, and prompt responses when I replied to her). When I thanked them for the excellent service, I was told:
"Thank you for your kind words about our customer service.I wish that I could
take all the credit, but I am afraid that it is a case of all the
employees at this Company having been taught by Mega GeniusĀ® that
customer service is just a matter of caring. He has drilled into us
that any person is only as valuable as he/she can help others."

Now, I liked that. That sounded really SMART to me.

What else impressed me? The price. I'm used to Nightingale-Conant prices where a program starts about Ā£69.95 (UK prices -- that's about $137 today.) Or the various online self-development CD packages that can be anywhere from $99-to-$1000 or more.

The Genius Formula lectures cost me $35.95 including shipping from USA to the UK, which I thought was a great price for 6 CDs of lectures. Okay, I guess that value has to be rated on content. I've only listened to one so far. I think I've got my money's worth. I'll report later on what's on the lecture series.

I tell you what though. He sounds like the real deal to me.

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